DIY: Jewellery Boxes

I am a big fan of Pinterest and love to try DIY crafts. Today I tried crafts related to Jewellery boxes !! Yeah..Jewelry boxes with waste boxes in the home. Here are those.

Let’s start with bangle box..! Do you have an unused watch box? Most of us have watches and their boxes are not used much. In my case once I take a new watch out of the box, I never put my watch back into that box again :P. So, I can re-use it or in a correct sense use it as Bangle box :D.

For making bangle box, all you need is a box, some tapes or washi tapes if you have any, scissors or blade.

Now, start wrapping your box with tape to cover the box actual look. You start in any pattern and any number of colored tapes. I just used colors of my choice. Once you are done with the box, start wrapping lid. And final look will be like below.

DIY Bangle box

And you can place your bangles into it..!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ This box is useful in traveling and I spent less than 30 bucks on this. Yeyyyyy…!!!

The next

That’s it…! Unique earring holder is ready to sit on your dressing table πŸ™‚ Β Again spent less than 20 bucks on this..wowee…!!!

So what else? Do you like Ferrero Rocher chocolates? I am a big fan of them..!!!! Here are those for you as well. πŸ˜‰

one is earring holder! I saw similar holder on Pinterest and me very much loved it. All you need is a bunch of Popsicle sticks (or ice cream sticks for easy reference), Fevicol or glue and some colors if you don’t like plain sticks.

  1. Decide how many sticks you want to place in your holder. Also, consider the size of your sticks.
  2. Choose color if you don’t like plain sticks.
  3. Start coloring your sticks by changing color to darker to lighter.
  4. Place two sticks in a vertical position and place your colored sticks horizontally to form racks. Stick with glue.
  5. Take another four sticks to form holder shape.
DIY Popsicle stick earring holder

So the last one is going to be costly..:P Just the cost of chocolates. You can use any other box similar to this. For the last one, I am going to wrap the box. Yes just wrap the box with some good handmade paper and stuff some Thermocol into it. Yes simple as that..!!

  1. Select the box you want to re-use
  2. Select handmade paper of your choice
  3. Take the measurements of the box and wrap it with some cello-tape.
  4. Take some thermocol and stuff into the box so that you can pin your studs into it.
DIY jewelry box wrapping

Finally, these are my cute DIY jewelry boxes done under 2~3 hours of effort. Most importantly they are unique..!!! πŸ™‚

Thank you for spending your time on reading this. Stay tuned for next post in DIY !!

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