DIY Teddy Bear Gift Card

This card is going to be a little bit customized yet easy. I wanted to create some teddy bear kind of structure using Quilling stripes. If you want to go for a simple design you view my first gift card here.

Here are the things we need for card making:

  1. Quilling Paper strips
  2. Quilling Pen and Quilling Mould (optional)
  3. Colorful And Attractive Adhesive Paper Tapes to add them on borders
  4. Scissors
  5. Glue to stick paper on card
  6. Pens to write content

Here are the steps:

Miss you gift card
  1. Using Quilling pen roll the strips into a loose coil.
  2. Now allow the coil to loosen up to form a bigger coil.
    You can do this by placing a paper in Quilling molds circular shapes or you can do it just by placing it on a flat surface. If you use Quilling mold, you can easily decide the size of your teddy bear by simply placing the next coil in a smaller circle. If you’re doing this on a flat surface, you need to cautious about the coil sizes.
  3. Once face and body coil of a teddy bear is ready, create two tight coils and press them into a tear drop shape.
  4. Then take one paper stripe and cut into half. By using two half strips create two loose coils and press them to form both legs.
  5. Take different colored paper strips and cut into half. Using two half paper stripes, form two triangles.
  6. Now stick all the body parts and the bow ties. Our teddy bear is ready !!  (If you do not want a balloon skip to step 10)
  7. Take another paper strip and form a loose coil.
  8. Cut one of the paper stripes into a 1/4th of the total paper and form the base of the balloon.
  9. Stick both the balloon parts to form a balloon structure.
  10. Take gift card and stick paper adhesive to form borders.
  11. Stick teddy bear that we have created and place balloon slightly above the head of the teddy bear.
  12. Now go and add content on your card.:)

Please comment below if  I need to elaborate any step 🙂 Happy Quilling 🙂