Quilling Balloons Gift Card

Okay, today lets try something different. I wanted to buy some gift cards for my friends who are going overseas for higher education. For some reason, I didn’t feel like giving the gift cards that are available in the market. I wanted to give something customized for my friends. Something that describes the bond we share. So I started going through my DIY lists and found came up with the idea of giving handmade greeting card! I made the following custom gift card for one of my friends and I have the full freedom to design and write the content I wanted to express.

Quilling gift card

For designing these gift cards here are the tools that you need:

  1. Quilling Paper of your choice
  2. Quilling Pen to make loose coils of paper
  3. Colorful And Attractive Adhesive Paper Tapes for decorating gift card borders
  4. Paper for Card
  5. Glue
  6. Glitter Pens or sketches or watercolors whatever suits best for writing your content

Let’s start with the card making:

  1. Take few Quilling paper strips of attractive colors and make loose coils with the help of Quilling pen. (If you need a tutorial on how to do loose coil, ping me in the comments section!)
  2. Take your Gift card paper and fold it if required
  3. Paste the Adhesive paper tape on the edges as border
  4. Start placing the loose coils on the front page of gift card
  5. Glue them once your balloons are in place
  6. If you find any gaps in between coils, try filling them by using small loose coils in between
  7. Now take Quilling paper of different color, use it as threads for your balloon
  8. Place it on the edges and glue them
  9. Finally to stick all the threads of your balloons in place, use different color Quilling paper to form a knot
  10. And now you’re done with designing your card. Go ahead and add your content inside