Super Easy Foam Sheet crafts for kid. Have fun making them under 10 minutes each!

5 Inexpensive and Beautiful Crafts to Teach Your Kid

As much as I love to make crafts, I want them to be quick and easy. I have tried Tissue Paper Flowers and Air Dry Clay Roses too. So, this time I tried few crafts with foam sheets. These crafts are inexpensive as foam sheets cheap and you will spend no more than 10 minutes for each one. Here is the glimpse of the crafts I made using foam sheet.

Super Easy Foam Sheet crafts for kid. Have fun making them under 10 minutes each!
Top 6 Crafts with Foam Sheet

Yeah, you got it. There are total 6 crafts I had made but one of them is going to take more than 10 minutes J I am going to discuss that in the end, so smile.

  1. A cute lollipop that your kid will love to play with

Not only your kid even I still love to have a lollipop πŸ˜‰ who says no to a candy? Okay, to make this foam sheet lollipop you need 2 foam sheets of different colors, scissors and one stick of cutlasses. Cut 2-inch wide foam sheets and roll them by placing one over the other and when you are at the end nail it using a stick. Cut the extra foam sheet to form a lollipop or flower.

EVA Foam lollipop for kids play. Super easy crafts ! Even kids can prepare themselves.
Cute lollipop for kids to play with
  1. Bright and Colorful flowers for fall decoration

Out of all crafts, this is my favorite one as it is super easy to create and it can be used as a decorative item. To start with, pick some bright foam sheets, scissors, and glue gun or some strong glue to stick foam sheets. Follow my instructions as shown in the video below.

Looking for Fall decoration ideas? Try adding these bright flowers to your living room. These are super easy to make. Check out for instructions
Bright flowers for fall decoration
  1. Cute Bookmarks for your little one
    you will need Popsicle stick or ice cream stick, watercolors (optional), foam sheet and scissors. Colour Popsicle stick with the color of your choice. Cut foam sheet in cute shapes like hearts, stars or moon. Stick with glue. Your super cute bookmark is ready. Or you can go a step ahead and create some creature kind of thing using googly eyes. Here I have used a foam sheet to create body and hair (for hair cut foam sheet in thin lines). A red colored foam sheet piece is used as mouth and two googly eyes. I still love to play with googly eyes so I have no regrets in creating some strange creatures for bookmarks :D.

    Surprise your kid with these super cute bookmarks :) Read more
    DIY Bookmarks
  2. Pencil or pen makeover
    Cut any shape like teddy bear or mickey mouse which your kid loves. Make sure that you cut two pieces of same color and the same size. Now stick the edges of two pieces by leaving some portion at the bottom of the character. Now pierce your pen into the character. If you want, add some googly eyes to customize.
  3. Add flowers to your usual key chain or handbag
    It is same as the lollipops that we have created above. Instead of using a stick, use glue to keep them in place. Prepare two or three flowers depending on the size you want and stick them into a rhombus-like shape. Refer to the picture below. Once you are done with the shape, attach it your handbag or key chain. This will give a more girly look to your usual handbag.

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    DIY bag accessory
  4. As discussed, the time taking one mostly 15~20 minutes
    cut foam sheets of the same width say 2 centimeters. Pick any two sheets of different colors and roll them into a circle. Stick with glue to secure them in place. Prepare 5-6 foam sheet rolls like these. Take another foam sheet and form any shape like square or pentagon as I did. Glue the foam sheet rolls on top of it with even spacing. Your homemade Coffee coaster is ready to use now J.

    Got bored with usual coffee coasters? Add some pop of color with these handmade Coffee Coaster using EVA Foam. This coaster goes well with few bright flowers on your desk. Check out more here.
    DIY Foam Coffee Coaster

    Have you enjoyed this post? Which one you wanna give a try? What are your fall decoration ideas apart from these? Would love to explore more ideas which can be done in the low budget.

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