Only persons who sew can understand how important are these! These little ones often go missing :( Check out my tip on how to organize them

How to organize sewing pins

Recently I started learning few basic stitches using the sewing machine. I loved learning with my mom. It took me back to good olden days where I used to play around in the house. It just reminded me of how we used to spend time together. Though I miss my little sister (elder one of course!).

Those days good days when I am a kid and had a lot of work to do with all the stuff in my home 😛 Moms are superwomen who handle kids amazingly. All the naughty acts we do all those days we didn’t let them sleep. I still remember the cute crochet sweater she made for me. She is wonderful

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Learning from My Best Teacher

I started getting my hands on the Usha Janome Allure Sewing Machine. I quickly learned what are the essentials to start sewing. You can expect some sewing related DIY projects too! I am trying to be as creative as I can be.

Practice makes man perfect!

I started practicing on weekends which makes me take longer time than others. Be it any craft I get time only weekends 😦 This makes me too sad that I can not spend much time on doing what I love to do. Trying out new crafts is something that makes me happy. So slowly I started learning sewing.(I still do)

Only persons who sew can understand how important are these! These little ones often go missing :( Check out my tip on how to organize them
sewing pins

Spending time with my Mom while learning sewing is something that makes it really special. I learn it from a person who taught me how to live. Too much creativity is going to hit your inbox (Only if you are subscribed 😦 Sign up for my blog to get latest post updates.) I realized how important are Sewing Pins! Only a person who sews can understand how useful these are! These little ones often go missing 😦 One of the most distracting things I faced is unorganized sewing pins! Whenever I try to concentrate something new, they go and hide somewhere in my sewing cabinet. I should first find out all these little rascals first and then I go and start my project. Huh..! Or I spend some time in searching these little pins when I am in middle of doing something interesting. One day I got some brilliant idea to organize sewing pins! I have some sponge lying in my drawer. I took one box from my kitchen and placed this sponge into the box. Then I quickly pierced all my sewing pins into the sponge. One by one carefully not leaving anyone of them inside my cabinet. I felt like I am on some important mission while doing this 😛 Finally, I got all of them and realized I may need to buy a few more when I work on bigger projects. Take a look at it how I organized them.

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How-To Organize sewing pins

Now everytime, when I want to grab some sewing pins, I look for this box. I use my sewing pins and place it back into the box. It looks cute and easy to use. There are more and more stories I can tell you about my journey during the sewing lessons from my mom. But for now, let’s take a break. Will catch you up soon with my first set of sewing crafts. Hope you guys love them.

Until then ..

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