Have you ever felt frustrated with your ear cords when they get tangled in your back pack? Try this super easy and cute DIY and you don't have to search and detangle your ear cords ever again!

DIY EarCord Holder- Back To Schools Ideas

Hey, guys! Here is one of my favorite back to school ideas! This goes right into my backpack and I don’t need to worry about tangled ear cords!

It took 15 mins for me including time for drying acrylic paint. Here are the things you need for this super cute DIY:

  1. Foam Sheet
  2. Hot Melt Glue Gun for sticking presser tape
  3. Acrylic Colors to decorate your ear cord, holder
  4. Scissors to cut foam sheet
  5. Presser tape to place ear cords in place. (I found something similar to this in local store I hope you can find it too)

DIY earcord holder- Back To School Ideas
DIY ear cord holder- Back To School Ideas


  1. Cut your foam sheet into a circular shape. I used a random bottle cap to draw a circle.
  2. Draw a circle with the pencil (because I am not good at drawing shapes) and then draw a circle with white paint. Let your paint dry before you apply next paint.
  3. With red color acrylic paint, fill the inner circle.
  4. Now take black acrylic paint to draw seeds
  5. Now stick presser tape using the Hot glue gun. While sticking it, do not separate them! Stick on one side and add glue on top of it and then press another side of foam sheet onto it.

That’s it your super cute ear cord is ready to use.

That’s all for today!