How To Make Money With A Small Blog

Hi, guys! I hope you are doing well 🙂 I hope you are doing well with your New Year resolutions! I am doing well with mine and one of my resolutions is to take my blog to next level. As in adding more content valuable to my readers. Today we are gonna talk about how to make money with a small blog with less than 10K page views or just think of starting a blog and making your first dollar from your blog!

Most of the bloggers who earn their living from their blogs have tried Affiliate marketing on their sites. And for most of them, it is the source that earned their first dollar through the blog. What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer bought the affiliates’ own marketing efforts.

Say thanks to Wikipedia 🙂 Okay, speaking of affiliate marketing, there are several companies which pay you for marketing their products. If you mention any product you love or you use on daily basis and you think the product is beneficial to your readers, you can add a link on your website describing the product. If anyone clicks on that link and buys that product, you will be paid a small amount as commission.


Most of the networks need few thousands of page views in order to consider your application. But don’t be disheartened! We have Amazon Associates program. They do not have a restriction on page views.It is designed to help beginners to monetize their blog. However, they do have an application process where they ask you to fill up your blog’s niche and what type of content you post on your blog. This process is simple and you will get approval in less than 2 days. Once you are approved, you can promote on your blog. Before that, you need to add following text somewhere on your blog:

“I SriVidya (Your Name) is also a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to”

You can add it to your disclosure policy and it is better to mention that you have affiliate links in your posts where you add them. Maybe at the top of the post or after the link wherever you find it appropriate. One good thing about Amazon affiliate program is, you get a commission for whatever the person buys within 24 hours after clicking your link, it means that the person doesn’t need to buy the exact product that you have recommended! How cool was that? I really love Amazon Associates program as it gave me the opportunity to promote something when others are checking out my page views to give me an opportunity.

Once your application gets approved, you need to do 3 simple steps to promote:

  1. Search for the product using a keyword and lookout for the item you want.
  2. Click on ‘GetLink’ button, and choose the format you want (text/image/image and text).
  3. Click on ‘Highlight HTML’ button and you can paste the code on your site.

And that’s it. You are done. Choose your most popular post to add these links and go in the descending order. Here are few more FAQs if you want to check out or scroll down to the bottom.

Few things to add!!

How does the network know that a sale happened through your link?

Every company will be having a separate network for affiliates and each affiliate will be given a unique tracking code. When you copy any link from their website, your tracking code will be already embedded in the URL. With the help of unique code, you will be awarded a sale.

Can I click on my own links and purchase?

No. Actually a BIG NO!! You should never click on your own links even for testing. Every network will have their own tool to test your links. You can use their tool to test links. You should never go and order something from your link because indirectly you are cheating your affiliate company giving a false impression that a sale has happened through your link.

Can I promote any product?

You can promote any product of your choice but I recommend to choose your product wisely. Let us say my blog’s niche is DIY crafts and I occasionally write about makeup and recipes. If I promote some craft material or my favorite makeup that will resonate with my audience. Instead, if I promote some jewelry, that may not do well.I would suggest recommending a product that you really love and gifting it to your sister rather than promoting a random product.

Can I promote a product that I have never used?

Again a big NO. I would never do that. When you are promoting a product make sure that it is valuable to your customers. Your readers are smart enough to find out that you are simply trying to make a penny when you suggest a product that you have never tried for yourself. You may lose your loyal readers because of this. You should always recommend a product that you have actually used and love using it further.

How do I promote a product for best results?

You can promote a product using a link in text or image or even use a banner. But when you want your readers to consider your recommendation, tell them why you love the product. Give them a comparison to other products in the market. Show them before and after if applicable. Give them why the product you are suggesting is the best. If you can do a how-to tutorial of the product, do one! That way you can give your readers a solid reason to buy a product rather saying I bought some ‘X’ product and love it. You also buy the product. It is not going to work that way. Do you ever consider a recommendation from a stranger? No, right? What if they give you a comparison of other products that are available in the market and tell them how the product is better than others? And going a step forward and give you a how-to use the product? Definitely, it will give them a thought of buying that product!

How I get paid?

Most of the affiliates pay on monthly basis. Few of them pay once in a quarter. It depends on the network that you are choosing. I use Amazon Affiliates and they pay once in a month.

Oh My God!! I think that is all I have to say. What is your first affiliate sale? Is it the same product that you have recommended? Oh sorry, I was curious to know if I sounded inappropriate for you to 😐 How did you like the article? Feel free to leave a comment below if I miss anything.

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Happy Blogging!




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  1. This is a great intro to Amazon Affiliates. I have some affiliate links on my blog, but mostly software. But this is great to keep in mind if I ever want to recommend products! Thank you!


  2. I just got “officially” approved to be part of Amazon Associates (they make you go through a trial period to see if you actually sell stuff) and I’m so excited! Thanks for sharing the tip about disclaiming that you use affiliate links…I’ve never actually done this, but thinking maybe I should?


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